Before you ask

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we visit with a pram?

For the safety of the butterflies, we do not recommend visiting with prams. You can leave your pram at the reception desk, where the receptionist can look after it.

Can we store our warm clothing or bags at the reception desk?

Yes. Lockers or hooks are at your disposal.

How long does a tour last?

This depends solely on you. We do not limit the time of visits.
The average visit lasts 30 – 45 minutes.

Do the butterflies hatch throughout the year, or will we see less butterflies in the winter, for instance?

Yes, our butterflies hatch throughout the year. On any day, month, or season that you visit us, there will always be approximately the same number of butterflies to be seen. The only thing that changes throughout the year is the make-up of the butterfly species.

Do we need to book times for our visit?

No. You can come at any time without any worries.

Can we visit on a wheelchair?

Yes. Prague, Brno, and Lipno are wheelchair accessible. In Karlovy Vary, there needs to be another person available to help you conquer several stairs.

Can we visit with a baby?

Yes. Even the youngest of tots are welcome. However, we request that parents keep their children in line to protect the butterflies from an undesirable reaction on part of the child. Admission fees are applicable for children from three years of age.